Jim's Course Resources  (updated September 16, 2013)



Excel file - Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Excel file - Categorical Data Analysis

Excel file - Chi Square Testing

Excel file - Confidence Interval

Excel file - Correlation & Regression

Excel file - Descriptive Statistics

Excel file - Discrete Probability

Excel file - Frequency Distribution

Excel file - Hypothesis Testing for One Sample

Excel file - Hypothesis Testing for Two Samples

Excel file - Multiple Regression

Excel file - Normal Probability

Excel file - Sample Sizes

Excel file - Stem and Leaf Plot

Pivot Table Tutorial for Analyzing Data   (data file for Pivot Table)

E-stat book (author unknown)

Quantitative Analysis

Excel file - Assignment

Excel file - Breakeven Analysis

Excel file - Control Charts

Excel file - Decision Tables

Excel file - Forecasting

Excel file - Inventory Analysis

Excel file - Learning Curves

Excel file - Linear Programming

Excel file - Location Analysis

Excel file - Waiting Lines

Excel file - Project Management

Excel file - Reliability

Excel file - Inventory Simulation

Neat Stuff

In Praise of Teachers (a great email story I received)

How to Write Good (a comical approach to violating the rules of writing)

The Race (an inspiring poem about never giving up)

Surveys & Research

Research Notes

Marketing Research Survey Demo (self-extracting file / DOS-based -- open menu.bat)

Live Votes vs. Random Samples

How to Do Research with Self-Administered Surveys

Adult Learning

Rossman Adult Learning Inventory  (quiz on "the adult student")

Rossman Adult Learning Inventory Answers

Fun with Statistics


Birthday Probability Problem 

Correlation Mishap -- Speaking English 


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