Dr. Jim's Statistics & PASW / SPSS books  (updated May 16, 2011)

Statistical Analysis with PASW / SPSS is an 83-page, step-by-step tutorial and instruction manual that educates you as it walks you through how to set up variables for data entry in SPSS, how to enter data manually, how to import data from Excel, how to recode data, how to transform data, how to filter data, how to edit output, and how to export the output into Word.  It then walks you through how to create multiple tables and graphs as part of a descriptive analysis.  Finally it walks you through the steps needed to conduct the most common hypothesis tests (One Sample T-Test, Two Sample T-Test for Independent Samples, Two Sample T-Test for Paired Samples, Analysis of Variance, Chi Square Test of Independence, Test of Correlation, Multiple Regression Analysis, as well as the nonparametric test equivalents where appropriate).  With this book, you will be able to comfortably set up and manage data files with PASW / SPSS, in preparation for conducting statistical analysis.  You will know the proper way to word the hypotheses, the assumptions, the decisions, and the conclusions, as well as the steps for conducting the analysis with the PASW / SPSS software.  You will be able to conduct analysis for a thesis or dissertation with greater confidence.  This book is a valuable tool even for those who choose to use a different statistics package since there is a large emphasis on statistical procedures and proper wording. 


Look at the attached preview from the book which addresses the one-sample t-test.  The SPSS and Excel data files or the book can be downloaded here.

Dr. Jim's SPSS book


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