Jim's Dissertation / Committee Page  (updated November 20, 2010)


           Dr. Jim's Dissertation:  Employee Preferences for Pay Systems as a Function of Personal Job Inputs and Job Characteristics



Serving as mentor / chairperson for:



Dr. Katie Thiry


Capella University, July 2009

Factors that Affect Peer Rater Accuracy in Multirater Feedback Systems

Dr. Scott Burch


Capella University, December 2009

A quantitative analysis of the effects of organizational, leadership, and membership characteristics on information technology adoption in nonprofit church-based orgs.

Dr. Kristen Moraz


Capella University, April 2010

Participants' Perceptions of the Value and Effectivenes of the Leadership Boca Program







Dr. Nicole Harris


Capella University, April 2009

Is Emotional Intelligence the Key to Medical Sales Success?

Dr. Jenni Richardson


Capella University, March 2009

Effect of a Female Candidate's Name &  Perceived Attractiveness on Her Ability to be Chosen as a Project Partner

Dr. Rana Salman


Capella University, December 2008

Relationship between Type of Endorser and Patients' Attitudes & Behaviors in Direct-to-Consumer Advertisement


Dr. Mindy Wilkins


Capella University, December 2008

The Health Information Manager as Change Agent in Adopting Electronic Health Record Technology in Hospitals

 Dr. Tony Vrba


Capella University, September 2008

Relationship between Follower Behavior Style & Perception of Effective Leadership Characteristics in Adult Learners

Dr. Becky Takeda


Capella University, December 2007

Personality & Personal Values of  Entrepreneurs & Perceptions of Their Employees










Dr. Danielle Clay


Capella University, November 2007

The Relationship of Demographics & Job Mobility

Dr. Thomas Young


Capella University, September 2007

The Relationship of Perceived Pay Inequity  & Org Commitment among Hospital Nurses

Dr. Jaime Klein


Capella University, July 2007

The Relationship between Job Satisfaction & Leadership Practices









Dr. Amy Kramer


Capella University, May 2007

The Effect of Female Physical Attractiveness When Managers Rank Resumes...

Dr. Rachel McClary


Capella University, December 2006

An Evaluation of Consumer Buying Criteria and its Impact on the Purchase of Commoditized Laptops

Dr. Sara Cook


Capella University, October 2006

Explaining Burnout: A Mixed Method Investigation of IT Workers


Dr. Julius Demps


Northcentral University, August 2006


The Effects of Positive Reinforcers on the Academic Behavior of Mildly Disabled Middle School Students

Dr. Beth Chase


Capella University, July 2006


The Relationship between Self-Efficacy, Project Leadership ...to Engage in Organizational BPI Opportunities

Dr. Sandra Morris


Capella University, July 2006


The Effects of Salon Patronage in Relation to Sex Appeal in Print Advertisements






Dr. Scotti Veale


Capella University, July 2006


How Do I Love Thee?  An Investigation of Chapman's "Five Love Languages"

Dr. Amanda Voight


Capella University, June 2006


Program Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents in Juvenile Corrections

Dr. Erich Randall


Capella University, May 2006


Military Leadership:  The Effect of Leader Behavior on Soldier Retention in the Army National Guard


Dr. Christine Schuldes


Capella University, April 2006


Employee Preferences for Pay System Criteria:  A Pay System Survey

Dr. Laura Phillips


Capella University, December 2005


The Impact of Functional Congruence or Incongruence of Volunteer Reward Messages on Task Satisfaction

Dr. Kenneth Granberry


Nova SouthEastern University, May 2005


Influences of Discretion in CEO Compensation in International Corporations



Dr. Danielle Babb

Capella University, March 2004

Factors Influencing Use of Virtual Private  Networks Over Traditional Wide Area Networks  by Decision-Making Technology Managers

Dr. Gregory Opara-Nadi


Capella University, May 2005


Electronic Self-Checkout System Versus Cashier Operated System:  A Performance Based Comparative Analysis

Dr. Karen Beiser


Capella University, June 2005


Fundraising in the Non-Profit Sector:  An Analytical Look at Donor Perceptions of How Their Donations Are Used to Elicit More Donations



Serving as the research expert / dissertation committee member for:

         Dr. Jeff Harrington, Capella University, Business, 2010

         Dr. Robert Wilson, Capella University, Education, 2009 -- Effect of a Continuous Quality Formative Assessment Program...

         Dr. Ann Robatin, Capella University, Education, 2009 -- Impact of Learning Styles on Instructional Methods Preferences

         Dr. Rebecca Herman, Capella University, Business, 2008 -- Servant Leadership:  A Model for Organizations Desiring a Workplace Spirituality Culture

         Dr. Edna Talboy, Capella University, Education, 2008 -- Level of Professional Experience and Feedback Preferences in Online Learning

         Dr. Susan English, Capella University, Education, 2007 -- Teacher Education Program Accountability: In Search of Meaningful Outcomes Evidence

         Dr. Edward Moore, Capella University, Business, 2007 -- Follower Perception and Reporting of Unethical Leadership: An Exploratory Study Using Mixed Methodology The Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Effectiveness:  Leadership in Action within United Way of America

         Dr. Lori Danenberg, Northcentral University, Psychology, 2007 -- Number of Students Referred for Special Ed Services as a Factor in Preschool Teacher Burnout

         Dr. Stacey Clawson, Capella University, Education, 2007 -- Does Quality Matter?  Measuring Whether Online Course Quality Standards Are Predictive of Student Satisfaction in Higher Education

         Dr. Tiffany Stark, Capella University, Education, 2007 -- Strategies that High School Athletic Coaches Can Use to Support Academic Performance of Student Athletes:  An Analysis of Different Strategies and their Effectiveness based on Teacher Evaluations

         Dr. Charbel Elkhoury, Capella University, Business, 2007 -- Offshore Software Developer Skill Sets:  A Survey Analysis of the Impact on Project Success

         Dr. Jenifer Tharpe, Capella University, Business, 2007 -- Follower Perception and Reporting of Unethical Leadership

         Dr. Donna Rice, Capella University, Education, 2006 -- An Examination of Emot. Intelligence: Its Relationship to Academic Achievement in Army JROTC...

         Dr. Laura Miraz, Capella University, Business, 2006 -- Intention to Leave Among Baptist Ordained Clergy

         Dr. Jeff Boyce, Capella University, Business, 2006 -- Application of the Consumption Value Model of Market Choice to the Selection of Christian Educ.

         Dr. Steven Fehl, Capella University, Business, 2006 -- The Relationship of Service Quality to Customer Satisfaction

         Dr. Lorita Canty, Capella University, Business, 2005  -  Leadership Styles Job Performances of Managers As Perceived by Their Direct Reports

         Dr. Le Taylor, Nova Southeastern University, Business, 2005 -- The Applicability of Commodity Classification Structures to Internet Retail Marketing

         Dr. Debra Marrano-Lucas, Capella University, Business, 2005 -- Understanding Intent to Use the Internet by Group Meeting Planners

         Dr. Lee Igel, Capella University, Psychology, 2005 -- The Physician Condition:  Work-Life Balance Expectations of Baby Boomer & Gen X Physicians

         Dr. Donna Hinsey, Capella University, Education, 2005 -- Positive & Negative Reinforcements:  How They Affect the Academic Perf of Middle School Students

         Dr. Greg Gardner, Capella University, Business, 2005 -- The Product Life Cycle Model and Rural Economic Development in the U.S.

         Dr. Naomi Sealey, Capella University, Business, 2005 -- The Relationship between the Self-Directed Search Construct & Birth Order Theory

         Dr. Mary Joan Hinson, Capella University, Education, 2005 -- An Analysis of the Effect of Using Food as an Operant Conditioning Instrument to Achieve Prompt Attendance by College Students

         Dr. Mary Callaghan, Capella University, Business, 2005 -- The Relationship between CEO Duality and Subsequent Corporate Financial Performance

         Dr. Jennifer Scott, Capella University, 2005 -- Graduate Students' Perceptions of Online Classroom Community

         Dr. Lara Chebaro-Burrafato, Capella University, Education, 2004 -- Early Years Literacy Project:  What is the Relationship between Teaching Beliefs and Attitudes on the Implementation of EYLP Literacy Strategies?

         Dr. Mike Derzsy, Capella University, Business, 2004 -- The Relationship between Leadership Styles of Sales Managers and Employee Job Satisfaction

         Dr. Al Gorriaran, Nova Southeastern University, Business, 2004 -- Emot. Intelligence in the Selection of Military Recruiters: An Analysis of Recruiters in the Field

         Dr. Kristie Loescher, Nova Southeastern University, Business, 2003 -- The Impact of an "Ethics Across the Curriculum" Initiative on the Development of Moral Judgment of Business School Undergraduates

         Dr. Les Carter, Nova Southeastern University, Business, 2003 -- The Credit Supply Effect on Commercial Real Estate Loans in Commercial Banks

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